NYC Green Cart Initiative Featured on Noticias Toda La Tarde

On August 23, 2012, Fabiola Galindo of NY1 Noticias New York interviewed Green Cart vendor Domingo Jose, WHEDco Director of Community Development Kerry McLean, and Illumination Fund President Laurie M. Tisch near Domingo’s cart in the Bronx. The transcript of the segment that aired is below as translated to English.

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Noticias Toda La Tarde
NY1 Noticias New York
08/23/12 10-11 PM

Anchor:  A woman in Manhattan is seeking to provide healthy food through food carts to places in the city where there is limited supply of healthy food.  Fabiola Galindo has the details.

Fabiola Galindo:  Domingo Jose works on this street at Southern Boulevard in the Bronx.  He comes here every day to sell all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables from this Green Cart.  It is not only a good way to start-up his own business but according to him it also a way to sell produce that is not readily available within the neighborhood.

Domingo Jose:  I am more interested in fruits and vegetables because during the summer people consume more fruits and vegetables.

Fabiola Galindo:  There are more than 500 Green Carts like Jose’s that circulate the five boroughs thanks in part to the donations from the Illumination Fund and the Administration of the City.  Thanks to these foundations, the process to apply for a food cart vendor license takes less time since they are placed, according to the Department of Health, in areas where there are rates of high obesity and a scarcity of fresh produce.

Laurie Tisch: We know that this project is working because the vendors are working and starting a business by selling fresh produce that was not accessible before.

Fabiola Galindo: Programs such as these look for ways to combat health epidemics such as high obesity that the City of New York is experiencing.  The Department of Health reports that more than half of the adult population suffers from obesity.

Kerry McLean: Specifically in the South Bronx there is a high rate of obesity as well as diabetes and hypertension and many others conditions that affect people’s health who live in the community.  So having a Green Cart in the community provides people with other health options for food.

Fabiola Galindo: Along with the health benefits, there are other advantages to buying from the green carts.

Customer: To tell you the truth, the produce here is much cheaper.  We can buy produce here cheaper, the prices…

Fabiola Galindo: According to the city’s data, more than a thousand licenses were made available and more than 600 of these licenses are being used for Green Carts.  This provides jobs to more than hundreds of vendors.  Reporting from the Bronx, Fabiola Galindo for NY 1.

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