Caterers source produce from NYC Green Carts whenever possible

Company, a Hamilton Heights-based catering company, uses NYC Green Carts as an essential piece of their procurement process. More than 70% of their recipes contain something that would be found on a Green Cart, and whenever possible, they source these items from nearby vendors, such as the ones at 110th St. and Lexington and 145th and Frederick Douglass Blvd. The Company pantry is always stocked with Green Cart basics such as onions and garlic. Says Arnish,

“We like to use fresh and seasonal ingredients, and locally sourced is best. We love to see, touch and smell produce first-hand. I love how the NYC Green Cart Initiative provides fresh fruits and veggies in neighborhoods that need better quality produce at an affordable price. In addition, it’s always fun interacting with the vendor. It is always interesting to learn about how they became involved with NYC Green Carts, and how the cart has changed their lives and helped them to provide for their families.”

What do they make with these Green Cart ingredients? A favorite is a Mango Guacamole with Avocados, Limes and Mangoes. They also stock up on Apples, Pears, Lemons, Oranges and Berries that look seasonally delicious and incorporate them into pies, sauces and salads. The local Green Carts are also inspirational: After seeing all of the veggies on display, Company decided to use various Green Beans, Baby Brussel Sprouts, Asparagus, and Sugar Snap Peas to make an all “green” crudité platter. Using Dill from the cart, they made a “Green Goddess” dip to accompany the platter, which was a huge hit! Take a look:

The Illumination Fund is proud to have worked with Billy, Tom, and Arnish at Company for several years. We hope they set a trend for small businesses supporting each other in our community!