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Weeksville Heritage Center


Weeksville Heritage Center (WHC) is a historic site and cultural center in Central Brooklyn that uses education, arts and a social justice lens to preserve, document and inspire engagement with the history of Weeksville, one of the largest free Black communities in pre-Civil War America, and the Historic Hunterfly Road Houses.


Purpose: To support Weeksville Heritage Center’s programs and operations.

Through their arts and culture and educational programs, along with many civic engagement activities, WHC strives to make history resonant and relevant for contemporary audiences. Weeksville Heritage Center’s artist residencies, symposia, artistic partnerships, events, and research provide a space to grapple with contemporary social issues through the lens of a unique piece of American history. WHC conducts conservation efforts through promoting oral history, genealogy, digital storytelling, and other forms of accessible historical research as part of The Legacy Project, which invites members of the public to explore themes of self, family and community through self-documentation, recorded interviews, and intergenerational discussions.