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Jerusalem Biennale


Founded in 2013, the Jerusalem Biennale is dedicated to exploring the places in which contemporary art and the Jewish world of content meet. It is a stage for professional artists, who create today and refer in their work to Jewish thought, spirit, tradition or experience, to exhibit their work in Jerusalem.


To date, there have been four Jerusalem Biennales. In 2019, 243 artists from around the world exhibited in 31 exhibitions in 14 locations across the City, reaching an audience of approximately 50,000 — a 50% growth in attendance since the prior Biennale. Sixty-one events took place in gallery spaces, including live music, dance and theater, discussion panels, poetry readings and workshops. For the first time, Muslim artists participated, which spurred important dialogue about the intersection of art, religion and politics.




Index photo YMCA Pool Event with Video installation: Marina Abramovic̀.
Banner photo by Andi Lavine Arnovitz.