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Hunger Free America


Hunger Free America is a nonpartisan, national nonprofit group working to enact the policies and programs needed to end domestic hunger and ensure that all Americans have sufficient access to nutritious food.


Purpose: To support Hunger Free New York City (HFNYC), their New York City arm

HFNYC involves five main program areas, all of which connect with their Benefits Access program to serve low-income individuals and families facing food insecurity:

  • Child Nutrition
  • Community Organizing through their Food Action Boards
  • Policy and Advocacy
  • Research
  • Strategic Volunteerism

HFNYC’s SNAP and WIC outreach efforts are focused on making it easier for individuals to access these vital benefits by helping first determine eligibility, then simplifying and streamlining the application and recertification process, and, if necessary, assisting with any further barriers that might arise. Benefits Access staff work from approximately 20 partner sites citywide, including health centers, schools, adult education programs, Head Starts, and senior centers. Volunteers are also placed in locations near their SNAP prescreening sites to perform outreach with handouts in multiple languages.

HFNYC’s pioneering Food Action Board (FAB) program empowers low-income community members to fight for their own futures and build the anti-hunger movement by helping them develop their leadership, advocacy, and community organizing skills. FAB members take on key positions and leadership roles in efforts at the city, state, and federal levels aimed at promoting food security and economic opportunity. HFNYC also regularly conducts research that informs their advocacy including researching the benefits application processes and various technologies available to applicants as well as analyzing barriers to Summer Meals participation for kids in NYC.


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