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Corbin Hill Food Project


The Corbin Hill Food Project works with Black, Latinx and historically marginalized communities to increase food access and create new pathways to ownership and wealth creation in an effort to build a community-based food system. As part of its longer-term vision of achieving food sovereignty, racial equity, and community ownership, Corbin Hill will be transferring ownership of its 95-acre farm to the community since food justice begins with land justice.


Purpose: To provide core support

Each summer and winter season, boxes of local and regional fruits and vegetables are delivered to sites in New York City to Shareholders (Corbin Hill’s term for members) and organizations that have paid one week in advance to receive a share of freshly harvested produce. Corbin Hill partners with community organizations who host the Farm Share distribution in office buildings, churches, health clinics, living rooms, schools and universities, hospitals, sidewalks, and anywhere else the share can be accessed by residents of that community.

 The program includes:

  • Farm Shares: Weekly, flexible produce subscription program that provides a variety of choices to the individual (Shareholder).
  • Wholesale / Institutional Shares: An organization or institution that purchases a large bulk of shares for its community members. This wholesale program allows for the institutional and bulk purchasing of local produce and value-added items to groups in NYC that seek to improve the health of the communities they serve. Partners have included Mt. Sinai Hospital, Riseboro, Fortune Society, Doe Fund, and WHEDco among others.