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Center for Traditional Music and Dance


Founded in 1968, the Center for Traditional Music and Dance (CTMD) assists New York City’s immigrant communities to preserve the vitality of their distinctive performing arts traditions and promotes cross-cultural understanding by sharing these art forms with audiences across the city. Nationally renowned for programs that combine research, documentation, presentation and education, CTMD assists immigrant communities in passing traditions to new generations.


Purpose: To support CTMD’s Sharing Traditions program

Sharing Traditions engages and educates young people residing in New York City’s growing immigrant communities about the extraordinary artistic traditions within their culture, provides a safe place for the study and celebration of these traditions and empowers these youth through self-realization. Within each targeted community, CTMD’s staff works to provide community members with technical training in arts administration, fundraising and program implementation so that each Sharing Traditions program can continue to succeed after the Center’s direct role is complete.


To date, CTMD has built a successful track record of incubating seven new community-run organizations. Some of these organizations include: the Mariachi Academy of New York, Pachamama Peruvian Arts, and the Institute for Chinese Traditional Arts.