Nationwide Screenings of Underwater Dreams

Underwater Dreams, written and directed by Mary Mazzio, and narrated by Michael Peña, is an epic story of how the sons of undocumented Mexican immigrants learned how to build an underwater robot from Home Depot parts. And defeat engineering powerhouse MIT in the process.

The Illumination Fund was one of the major supporters of Underwater Dreams, and Executive Producers included Laurie Tisch, Jackie and Mike Bezos, Jeb Bush, Jr. and Michael Peña.

The film is getting rave reviews, and now you have opportunities to see it.  Upcoming screenings include Atlanta, Phoenix, Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles and Denver.  Learn more about the film here, and for the full schedule of screenings as well as online opportunities visit the Underwater Dreams website here.

“inspiring and insightful”
– Los Angeles Times

“modest yet meaningful”
– New York Times

“The awards-worthy ‘Underwater Dreams’ is by turns rousing and heartbreaking, and organically touches on important social issues.”
– San Francisco Chronicle

“The year is just half over, but already a contender for best documentary of 2014 is looming with Mary Mazzio’s Underwater Dreams. What starts out as a high-school competition study—compelling enough on its own, as so many of these like-themed films are—pulls a breathtaking fast one in its second half, expanding its basic inspirational theme to embrace an even larger message, with an organic efficacy that is nothing short of astonishing.”
– Film Journal International

“a seemingly modest human interest film that may be the most politically significant documentary since Waiting for Superman.”
– Jonathan Alter, The Daily Beast

“Underwater Dreams” is that rare film that keeps your total attention for its entire duration and also encourages you and inspires you to want to do better with your life.   What I loved about this movie, was that it didn’t just concentrate on the competition win but also the young men’s backgrounds and the impossible obstacles they and their families had to overcome just to survive.  As you become more aware of the good people they are and their future goals and achievements, it makes you care about their plight even more. “Underwater Dreams” introduced me to a group of people who achieved the impossible by beating any and all odds to come out on top. Now THAT is the American dream.”
– Red Carpet Crash