Conference: Ending Hunger Through Citizen Service, April 20, Columbia University

The New York City Coalition Against Hunger is spearheading a new long-term, nationwide initiative to redefine the way people think and act about how they volunteer to fight hunger in order to make such efforts more effective in both reducing hunger and building hunger organization capacity, long-term. To do so, NYCCAH has created a toolkit (online and in hard copy), and is launching a national marketing campaign, sponsoring training conferences and media events, as well as providing sustained follow-up technical assistance, using a wide variety of national and grassroots partnerships with the public, private, and nonprofit sectors, to ensure that both organizations and volunteers have the tools they need to effectively utilize volunteer service.

As part of that effort, NYCCAH will co-sponsor a conference in New York City with Community Impact at Columbia University on April 20th in order to offer technical assistance and training to area nonprofits, businesses, civic groups, senior citizen groups, religious congregations, government agencies, student and youth groups, and concerned individuals on how to implement structured high impact volunteer activities to both build organizational capacity and better meet the long-term food needs of the low-income people they serve.

For information on the conference, visit NYCCAH.