Second Annual Joan H. Tisch Community Health Prize Winners Announced

Hunter College President Jennifer J. Raab announced that LegalHealth, a division of New York Legal Assistance Group, and Mark Hannay, Executive Director of Metro New York Health Care for All Campaign, are the recipients of the second annual Joan H. Tisch Community Health Prize. The prize, which was presented June 18th at Hunter College’s Roosevelt House Public Policy Institute, is administered by Hunter College and is awarded to both a not-for-profit organization and an individual for distinguished accomplishment in the field of urban public health. The winners were chosen by a committee composed of Hunter College faculty and representatives from the health policy and advocacy communities and will each receive a prize of $10,000.

LegalHealth, founded in 2001 as a division of New York Legal Assistance Group, is now the largest medical-legal partnership in the nation. It helps to reduce health disparities among low-income, at risk populations by addressing the legal needs associated with poverty that undermine recovery from serious illness and by eliminating legal barriers to available resources. Since its inception, it has assisted over 17,000 clients and trained over 5,000 health care professionals to identify their patients’ legal needs and provide support.

Mr. Mark Hannay has served as Executive Director of Metro New York Health Care for All Campaign – a citywide multi-constituency health care justice organization – since 1995. He has built a vibrant coalition of community groups, labor unions, professional associations and faith communities to fight for fundamental reform leading to universal health care. His leadership has inspired many to join successful campaigns to expand access to affordable health care, particularly for the most vulnerable New Yorkers.

At the award ceremony, Mark Hannay remarked: “What I am more proud of is bringing diverse forces together to provoke health care justice in society.” Randye Retkin, Esq. of LegalHealth added how important it is for all involved to share the credit, stating that all efforts “are a team approach.” And, as Jon Tisch shared in his opening remarks, the honorees are particularly deserving, “because as Joan found at Gay Men’s Health Crisis, equitable and just access to health requires both services and advocacy,” and both recipients embody that approach.

Please read the full press release for more information about the prize and recipients.

The Joan H. Tisch Community Health Prize is a component of the Joan H. Tisch Legacy Project, based at Hunter College and made possible with a five-year grant of over $1 million from her children Steven Tisch, Laurie M. Tisch, and Lizzie and Jonathan Tisch. The other components are the Joan H. Tisch Distinguished Fellowship in Public Health and the Joan H. Tisch Public Health Forum. Read more about last year’s awards here.