NYC Green Cart Initiative Highlighted in Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s “Signs of Progress” Report

According to research released by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, obesity rates among New York City children appear to be falling.  The City reports a 5.5 percent decline in obesity for grades K-8 between the 2006-07 and 2010-11 school years.

In a series of health policy briefs, RWJF is shining a light on eleven cities that are showing “Signs of Progress.”  RWJF showcased multiple programs in New York, including the NYC Green Cart Initiative, explaining that a multilayered approach can have a greater impact than individual initiatives.  The City’s strategies include:
• requiring group child-care centers to improve nutrition and nutrition education, increase physical activity and limit screen time;
• bringing fresh produce to city neighborhoods with Green Carts;
• offering Health Bucks that enable lower-income families to buy fresh fruits and vegetables at local farmers’ markets;
• providing architects and urban designers with guidelines for designing buildings, streets and urban spaces that support physical activity;
• requiring chain restaurants to post calorie information on menus; and
• helping teachers incorporate physical activity through the school day with “Move-to-Improve” guidelines.

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