Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund Makes $15M Commitment to Inspire Healthier Communities

The Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund today is launching its Healthy Food & Community Change initiative with a commitment of $15 million over five years to healthy food initiatives across New York City – making it one of the largest donors addressing these
problems in New York City.

There are vast disparities in diet-related diseases across neighborhoods where residents have few options to buy healthy foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, and low-income residents are most severely affected. The Illumination Fund’s Healthy Food & Community Change initiative will support novel strategies to increase access, availability, affordability, and knowledge of healthy foods and promote healthy choices, specifically targeting programs in high-need neighborhoods, creating hubs of activities and community engagement.

“The issues are complex, and there’s no magic bullet,” said Laurie M. Tisch, president of the Illumination Fund. “But there are strategies that have demonstrated progress and promise. We believe that the way to move forward is to empower and engage communities, foster collaboration, and provide the tools to implement change. With our new Healthy Food & Community Change initiative, the Illumination Fund aims to inspire healthier communities.”

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