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The Moth is “true stories, told live.” For the past 23 years, The Moth has worked to celebrate the ability of true, personal storytelling to illuminate both the diversity and commonality of human experience. Their work allows a diverse array of people from all over the world and all walks of life to share their stories in front of a live audience. Through storytelling shows and workshops, two podcasts, the Peabody Award-winning Moth Radio Hour, and New York Times Best Selling books, The Moth brings the power of personal storytelling to millions of people each year—creating community and building empathy around the globe. Since its founding, The Moth has presented more than 40,000 stories to standing-room-only and now virtual crowds worldwide.


Purpose: To support The Moth’s Community Program.

The Moth’s Community Program provides storytelling workshops to underrepresented communities through partnerships with community organizations throughout New York City, and across the country. The Moth has worked with justice-involved individuals, veterans, those with different abilities and the elderly through partnerships with The Bronx Defenders, The Wounded Warrior Project, Muslim Writers Collective, CASES, and the Generations Project.


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