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Materials for the Arts


Materials for the Arts (MFTA) is a program of the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, with additional funding from the Department of Education and Friends of Materials for the Arts. MFTA maintains a warehouse with a wide variety of reusable materials donated by businesses and individuals and makes them available, free of charge, to NYC nonprofits with arts programming, public schools, and other City agencies. They also provide studio-style professional development courses for NYC educators and hands-on workshops taught by MFTA teaching artists focused on reuse and repurposing of arts materials.


Purpose: To provide general support that enables provision of equipment and art-making supplies to schools and nonprofit organizations.


In 2019, MFTA collected 1.4 million pounds of reusable materials from businesses and individuals in New York City, preventing these valuable items from entering the landfill, and instead putting them into the hands of arts professionals, educators, and students across the five boroughs.