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Cool Culture


Cool Culture amplifies the voices of families and strengthens the power of historically marginalized communities through engagement with art and culture, both within cultural institutions and beyond. They utilize the arts and culture, social justice principles, and partnerships with community stakeholders to enhance the well being of families and their communities.


Purpose: To support Cool Culture’s Citywide Cultural Access Program (Citywide), the broadest initiative in their pursuit of a more equitable society through cultural access.

Each year, Citywide provides 50,000 participating families with free, unlimited access to 90 cultural partners (e.g., American Museum of Natural History, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Whitney Museum of American Art) while working in conjunction with a network of over 400 publicly subsidized preschools consisting of over 1,000 educators.


Cool Culture engages families from all of New York City’s five boroughs. Approximately 39% are Latinx, 22% Black, 17% White, and 16% Asian. Nearly 50% of the families speak a primary language other than English, and many have incomes at 200% the Federal Poverty Level or below.


Cool Culture at the Studio Museum in Harlem