Healthy Food

LISC New York City

Illumination Grant

LISC is a leading national community development organization that works in partnership with community development corporations (CDCs) in individual neighborhoods. CDCs are a type of community-based organization dedicated to comprehensive community improvement in low-income New York City neighborhoods. CDCs build affordable housing, create economic opportunity, improve access to quality education, and support healthy environments – ultimately building healthy “communities of choice” that are good places to live, do business, work and raise families.

Through a new initiative called Communities for Healthy Food NYC, LISC’s New York program is integrating access to healthy and affordable food into every aspect of their comprehensive community development work. The CDCs are conducting resident outreach, nutrition education and cooking classes, creating new or improved healthy food outlets, and generating food-sector jobs.

Communities for Healthy Food NYC includes four CDC partners: West Harlem Group Assistance in West Harlem; New Settlement Apartments in Mount Eden, Bronx; Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation in Cypress Hills, Brooklyn; and Northeast Brooklyn Housing Development Corporation in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.

The initiative has four overall objectives:

Incorporate healthy food programming, outreach and education into affordable housing buildings and other community services.

Educate residents and community service providers on nutrition, food preparation and overall health

Foster economic development opportunities by creating or expanding food related jobs, food incubators and enterprises and healthy food stores and urban markets

Leverage CDCs’ unique community assets, which includes knowledge of how to work in low-income neighborhoods as well as partnerships with organizations and people who can contribute to the work